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London inspiration

Stunning pictures of London by night

here (Part1)
and even more here (Part2)!
Pictures by photographer Jason Hawkes

Serious play

A really good TED talk from Paula Scher (she’s done album covers, books, the Citibank logo …) discovered on the website of the highly inpsiring guys from She asks herself, where the line is between being serious about your creativity and allowing it to become too solemn. Her message: innovate, risk, play, be arrogant, be ignorant, fail, be a fool, be serious … thats how you growth and thats all that matters!

Interaction Designer at Unibet London

Unibet, an award-winning online gaming company, offered me an exciting job at their London head office. This is a fantastic opportunity to work with social media technologies to improve users online experience. It is also my first client-side job and my first involvement in the online game development. I am very excited about that, because my interest in games is very long and passionate.

Unibet is one of the largest online gaming operators in the European market with over 3.6 million customers in more than 150 countries worldwide. Unibet offers a full range of online gaming products – such as Sport Bettings (winner of the best european sportsbook 2008), Poker, Casino and Bingo, as well as organizing the Unibet Open – Live Poker Tournaments all around Europe.


Master in Interactive Media

It is done!!! I just officially finished my Master course in Interactive Media at the London College of Communication! … and guess what: with Distinction! It was such a fantastic year full of exciting projects, endless discussions, nightmare presentations and crazy drunken parties. I would like to thank all my tutors and colleagues for the amazing time! I will miss you guys!

Intercreativity in Virtual Worlds

For many people online computer games bring to mind the image of young man immersed in a solitary virtual world. But in fact gaming is a inherently social activity, one who brings players together from diverse backgrounds into communities which frequently spill over to the real world. It is much more than just a game. It is a big business which brings with it the very real possibility of social change.

My MA dissertation with the title "Intercreativity in Virtual Worlds. Beyond social gaming: What’s really going on?" gives a close look at some collaborative creativity aspects in virtual worlds, analyzing three of the most influential game worlds in the last couple of years: Second Life, World of Warcraft and EVE Online. What are the values the user can achieve by playing socially in a virtual world adaptive also in the real world? How can businesses unveil and benefit from this creative potential? The dissertation includes also an interview with the digital media company Neo@Ogilvy London.

If you are interested to read my dissertation, you are very welcome
to request a free digital copy by contacting me on



Stop using IE6!


This website is in constant development and it is not yet fully tested regarding browser accessibility. I will improve the site whenever I got the time and the necessary patience. However, the best experience you will get using Firefox.
If you experience problems it might be of the following reasons:
1. you have not installed latest version of flash player
you have not enabled JavaScript in your web browser
3. but most likely you are
using Internet Explorer 6. In this case, please do two things immediately, as Aral Balkan so aptly put it: One, exit it. And two, uninstall it. Oh yeah, you can’t uninstall it because Microsoft owns your computer not you. OK, so at least don’t use it. Some great alternatives: Firefox or Safari (why not get a Mac and enjoy the easy life?).

Last but not least the question: “Do web sites need to look the same in every browser?“

What is an Interaction Designer?

The field of Interactive Design is huge including every aspect of computer-human interactions: interface design, software applications, websites, video games, digital installations, sensors, mobile device applications, etc. Therefore, an Interaction Designer has knowledge in multi-discipline areas, good observation skills, eye for useable design, understanding of programming languages, wireframes and information architecture, can organize and manage design production work flow and is up to date with the newest technology standards.

London College of Communication

I have chosen to study at LCC for two reasons. Firstly, I wanted to try things out of my comfort zone and maybe even go beyond my personal limits. And secondly, I wanted experience the zeitgeist of the young international techy generation and leaders of tomorrow. And exactly for those two reasons this course was perfect for me. The motto of this course "Learn to fail, then you will succeed!" helped me to become a more mature designer and better team worker. Many thanks to my tutors Rob White, Tim Stephens, Mazy Burns, Cliff Wootton, Elizabeth Wrigth and Sandra Gaudenzi for an inspiring and challenging year. But the absolute best experience at the course and the biggest thanks goes to my fellow class mates. Tutors can push and direct you but you can learn most from other people!


LCC MA Interactive Media Website

I love London

After spending two years in London, one year working as a bartender while also studying English, and a second year working as a graphic designer in a small branding company in the City, I have taken a one-and-a-half-year break at my hometown in Italy. But now I am back again. And it feels so good!

What I love most about London is the sheer number of open-minded people from every culture you can possibly think of. Discussing the future of media with my colleague from Israel, followed by drinking a pint in a nearby Old English pub with my friends from Hong Kong, Ireland and Belgium while watching the Arsenal vs Chelsea football match is just brilliant! Another things I really like about London is the urban style and nightlife (to my personal favourite venues count Cargo, T Bar or café 1001), the transport system (I know it sucks sometimes and it is expensive, but it is much better than many other places), architecture (my favorites being the "Gherkin" and Big Ben) and the police (the police officers on the street are your best friend, always friendly and with a smile … unlike in other countries).

Lots of people hate the London weather … well you cannot compare it with the weather in Barcelona obviously … but at least it is never boring and you are surprised by what can fall down from a clear blue sky in April!

A view from my room on a foggy night!

Need Holidays? Try South Tyrol!

South Tyrol is a german speaking part in North Italy. The italian name is Alto Adige, while the german name is Südtirol. My home in the middle of the Alps is justifiably famous for its untouched nature, beautiful mountains, fresh air, good food and wine. This is arguable the best place to relax, enjoy huge amounts of snow in the winter, have a nice trekking tour in the summer, or just enjoy being miles away from any other human being. My family has a “Holiday on the Farm” apartment for up to 4 people. So what are you waiting for? Book your holidays and contact me on andreas.jud[at]

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